Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Imperial War Museum.

Made a quick visit to the Imperial War Museum in London on Monday. Very informative and interesting day out. Took a few (not particularly good) pictures and thought these ones specifically would be of interest to the VBCW player...

The BUF Uniform.

A Thompson SMG and a couple of Mauser C96 Pistols.

A typical LDV Uniform.

The Standard British Infantry Uniform.

A couple of vehicles from WW1 that may be suitable for VBCW. Note the 'Battle Bus' in the background!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Communist Militia.

Not progressed much with the VBCW project as our Viking and WW2 projects have taken precedence but here are a handful of communist militia advancing through an old ruined famhouse building...

Jack Shelley and his men set up a defensive line in a ruined farmhouse building on the outskirts of Ipswich.

Figures are all from Musketeer Miniatures.

Monday, 25 July 2011

The Battle of Hockley Hill.

The Battle of Hockley Hill.

Socialist Forces
"Merrill's Marauders" - 7 Units of raw militia armed with 3 Lewis Guns and various small arms from the Tilbury Dockworkers Collective under the command of Laurence Merrill, Micky Watkins and Johnny Grover.
BUF/Auxiliary Forces
3 Units of trained men armed with 3 Lewis Guns and various small arms under the command of Captain Robertson "Bob" A. Fett.


Battle Report.
Members of the Tilbury Dockworkers Collective had gathered under the instructions of Voenkom Ron Harris (military commissar) following reports of a gathering of a small force of BUF militia and Auxiliary police grouping near a small deserted farmstead north of Hockley. Small arms and a clutch of Lewis light machine guns were handed out to the brave but untrained men for their first taste of combat against the fascists.
On arrival, the BUF force appeared to be holding the ruined farmhouse on an open piece of ground with small tree-lined areas surrounding this. To the south-west of this sat another burned out farmhouse and Politruk Merrill decided to advance a third of his designated force towards this to secure a covering perimeter.
Starshina Watkins was ordered to move to the tree line south of the central farmhouse and open fire upon it to suppress those BUF/Auxiliary forces inside.

Brave men of the TDWC march to the tree line south of the farmhouse.

Starshina Grover was to line his force across the south-east, taking cover from the nearby hedges and low lying hills and to make a steady advance to the right flank of the farmhouse to encircle those within.

Central farmhouse near ‘Hockley Hill’ with BUF/Auxiliary forces inside. Their command group can be spotted further north.

Starshina Watkins opened fire upon the farmhouse causing some problems for the defenders but received heavy return fire taking several casualties. Part of the unit took cover behind a low hedge leading up to the east side of the farmhouse but they were severely hit in their flank by BUF troops armed with a Lewis gun from a copse of trees just to the east of the farmhouse. Despite their brave efforts, they were forced back to the tree line and eventually had to retreat to the safety of the forest behind them.

Loyal soldiers at the southern farmhouse.

Meanwhile, the section under the command of Politruk Merrill finally made it to the southern farmhouse after suffering sustained fire from the BUF and Auxiliary forces at the farmhouse and a command group hiding near another copse to the north.

TDWC take cover behind a hedgerow.

Starshina Grover was at this moment having trouble motivating his troops. They held a strong position to the south-east and became aware of another BUF/Auxiliary unit lying in wait in a small copse near the farmhouse just north of them over a low hill.
On hearing the sound of machine gun fire and the screams of their comrades they were eventually motivated to move forward to the bottom of the hill but struggled to get further as the top was still under suppressive fire.

BUF/Auxiliary troops apparently retreating! The Lewis gun provides covering fire.

As the TDWC gradually advanced, taking heavy fire and casualties all the time, it suddenly became apparent that the assault had caused the fascists to waver. The unit holding the central farmhouse had fled the building and were making their way north to join their command group to the north! The BUF/Auxiliary Lewis gun on the hill continued to fire, covering their retreat across the open ground.

BUF/ Auxiliary command group consolidate their forces.

Finally, as the BUF/Auxiliary forces began to consolidate to the north, the final push by the TDWC began. The militia under Starshina Grover were still bogged down at the foot of the hill to the south-east and struggled to advance. The men to the centre under Starshina Watkins made one last desperate charge across the open ground towards the farmhouse. Despite taking withering fire and many casualties they reached the ruin and secured it.

Brave socialist warriors perform their duty!

The remaining men at the southern farmhouse broke from their cover in a dash to more hedgerows just north of this. Several brave men lost their lives (and some cowards ran from the battlefield) but the advance appeared to be a success!

The fascist forces (under the command of Captain Robertson “Bob” A. Fett) were now seemingly all on the retreat – was this a victory for the Socialist cause?

As the remnants of the TDWC secured the area it soon became apparent the BUF/Auxiliary plan was all a ruse. The farmhouse held no real strategic value – the fascist forces were merely attempting to draw as many men of the socialist collective from elsewhere and kill or wound as many as possible, with the intention of depleting morale and troops available for later battles.

Was all this simply a diversion by Mosley to occupy socialist men as he planned a bigger assault elsewhere? Only time will tell…


Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Yorkist Front.

The Duke of Yorks (Own) Regiment.

A unit from York has joined the fight in East Anglia! Supporters of The Duke of York, Earl of Inverness and Baron Killarney – the rightful heir to the Throne as the True King of the United Kingdom & the Dominions of the British Commonwealth.

Albert, Duke of York (holding pipe) and Sir Stanley Birch (to his left) with their senior command.

The Yorkist Front is centred around the Duke of Yorks (Own) Regt (DoYoR)- garrisoned in York. There is one regular battalion and 2 of TA at the depot - the rest of the regulars are overseas. The Fulford Barracks, York and Strensall Camp (just a couple of miles north of York) was/is a significant base.

The Yorkist Front effectively control the City, with support from the local Anglican League militia. The YF is led by a retired General, Sir Stanley Birch.

The Rowntrees Sweet Factory and Railway Union both have militia's, but they are onside, due to the overwhelming local strength of the DoYoR, who have provided training for them. A key strategy is to keep the road open to Hull, where the Anglicans have access to the Port and to harrass Catterick (A major garrison to the North, held by the King) and prevent BUF forces moving up the Great North Road.

The 'Essex' Brigade with transport. The Dukes Silver Shadow sits to the left of the picture with the Rev. Henry J. Crealock, an important contact with the Anglican League, beside it.

With their three Battalions they effectively have one Btn. to defend the City, one to protect various local key points around York, such as the airfields, and one Btn. for offensive action. A detachment of this Btn. currently finds itself in North Essex, drumming up support from the local Anglican League leaders and militia's.
Observant guards discover a cunning BUF spy and his accomplice! 

Character - professionals, military tactics, mobile punches against government lines.
Current transport is provided by four converted buses, although the unit is hoping for more support vehicles to join them in the near future.

(figures and unit history courtesy of AKULA)

British Fascist Militia.

Here are my first unit of Fascist Militia, only at the undercoat stage but its a start!

All figures are from the lovely Empress Miniatures Spanish Civil War range.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Staff of The Honourable Cecil Cathcart Marchbanks

Some of the loyal staff of the senior BUF commander Cecil Cathcart Marchbanks, armed and ready for action.
(l-r) Lympkiss the maid, Damhairn the cook, Simmons the butler and Thanet the gardener.

Figures are from Ironclad Miniatures.

BUF Command Group

My first picture of some newly arrived minis that shall form the main command group of my BUF unit!

(l-r) Major Otis Wright, Colonel Barnaby Coghill, The Honourable Cecil Cathcart Marchbanks, General 'Binkie' Beauchamp and Captain John Scrope.

Figures are from Musketeer & Mutton Chop Miniatures.